Why Blog?

01/17/2010 14:52


The image above is the reason in a nutshell why I'm doing this.  I read an article on another blog, and it inspired me to make this.  I put in the effort and time to take the picture from the post, put it into Microsoft Word, and make a tiny inspirational poster out of it.  Now, given, it didn't take that much time.  A grand total of five minutes maybe, but it's the thought that counts, right?  At least in this case it does.


It's not the design or professionalism of what I did;  it's the idea behind it.  The idea that this person, a normal person in the same everyday life I live, did something that, in my own eyes, is awesome.  Makes me want to get out and do something great too.


Connecting with people is amazing.  And the internet is such an amazing tool for connection.  And it's just as valuable as real life, if you put it in the right perspective.  If how I connect with people can inspire more inspiration, which in turn will inspire even more;  is that not a worthwhile effort?  Isn't that some sort of purpose for life?  Isn't it?