What's This All About?

This is a site for a goal.  A goal for me mostly,  but if there's anything I've learned from other bloggers, people, and kittens, it's that everything's not just about me.  I can try and be positive and productive for myself while doing the same for other people willing to listen and ponder.


So I have a goal:  by this time next year I want to have enough knowledge to be able to form, play in, and manage an extraordinary band or musical group.  And this is gonna happen in a daily process.  This site is mainly an accountability creator for myself.  I want to write something I've done to work towards my goal every day.  Nothing has to big or thought-provoking, at least not all the time, but the point is to motivate myself to get out and get accomplished.


Other goal:  to post content from my own thoughts and experiences that will provoke meaningful thought and action in readers.  Don't take my word on it, test it out for yourself.  Ask questions and come to find your own answers.  It's what I've found meaningful.


So, in short, this is a personal journey journal to dedicate myself to a passion I desire to pursue and to put my own personal self out on a limb in hopes that my own questions and wonderings will influence somebody for the better.  My real underlying is hope, though, is that whether anyone reads this or not, cares or not, or remembers this site or not, I want to learn for myself what I can do with it.


Damn... I'm already feeling the online nervous jitters.  Wish me luck, I'm gonna need it.