I Love THIS, You Love this

02/11/2010 14:26

Sometimes I mentally chastise people for not having the same level of appreciation for certain things I love.  I wonder how they can't see what I see in, for example, music.  It just didn't make sense to me.  I hear amazing musicians and bands, and I'm inspired to go and write songs and make my own music.  It's something not everybody shares.


I watched a bit of a favorite childhood movie of mine:  My Neighbor Totoro.  I love it.  I realized how huge of an appreciation I have for the art/science of animation.  It's amazing what people can do with pen, pencil, and paper.  But I don't really have that strong of an urge to go and be an animator.  That would be tons of work, and that kind of work is, for me, reserved for my other passions.


So if I put myself in other shoes, I can see how others don't have to share the same level of admiration that I have.  That's okay;  part of me is sad for them, but that's just me telling myself how much I love what I love.