Everyfive of Us

02/13/2010 23:39

I'm irritated, annoyed, and slightly pissed off, and all because of a minor computing error with my keyboard.  It ruined my mood.  Since the mood is ruined, the idea I had to write about can't come out of me in the way I had intended.  There is no longer an easy route for it to escape into this post.  Suck.


One thing I do know, though, is that the prior night was everything the opposite of what just happened now.  Every majoy player in the night's events felt good about one thing or another.  And the overtone was us feeling awesome about being together.  Didn't matter what we were doing, we had a good time;  a worthwhile time.


Translucensce is something I'm trying to achieve in all aspects of my personality.  I don't want to hide myself from anybody.  I want people to see straight through me and see what I am, problems and all.  I'm doing my best to do it, and it's easiest around friends.  It's even a bit easier to do on here because I don't have to actually deal with people face to face.  There's not nearly as much pressure as there is in a personal meeting.


I'm still in an irritated mode, but this night was good for me.  The cause being my friends.  Now I'm trying to analyze myself into being more transparent, but I have the oddest feeling just thinking about it won't work.  I love thinking, but now I need to think like glass if I want to get anywhere.