Cracks In The System

02/09/2010 18:09

There are ways to create desired outcomes from aforemade decisions.  Example:  I decide now that I'll never smoke cigarettes, and when anybody asks me to try, I'll tell them no.  Decision made, outcome more than likely predictable in the way I want it to be.  It's effective, but not completely 100% foolproof.  There are always those little cracks in the system.


But what about those circumstances and situations you could never have predicted?  There's absolutely no way, aside from clairvoyance, you can know what you'll do.  Then you're stuck with whatever you've done.  Could be good;  could be very, very bad.


Character:  it's who you are and not what you plan that determines those outcomes.  So look at you, wonder at you, question you, figure you out.  But still, there's no surefire way to know how you're going to act in a particular moment, so hope you don't act stupid when the time comes.  And it'll come.  It'll come.