Act It

01/05/2010 21:42

Last night I filled my music quota by writing a song with a talented friend.  I provided lyrics.  He provided sound.  We worked on it, had a good time, and eventually I ended up back at my house in the AM.  But nothing today.  Much work.  Maybe this time I'll actually read a bit of my book before I go out for the night.


On a completely other note:  Some people can act happy when they're sad, and I respect that.  But it's much harder for me to respect and acknowledge the people who only act happy.  They could be sad, happy, ecstatic, lazy, bored, doesn't matter;  they'll just slap a smile on and continue onward somewhere else.


I'll be the first to admit that I wish I had a happier and more enjoyable disposition, but I'm not willing to sacrifice reality and sincerity to get it.  My emotions are on my sleeves, and I hope to keep it that way.  I love my healthy doses of fantasy and realism;  it's a balance of a sort.