01/04/2010 21:03

I was accosted.  Mentally, I was accosted.  A few statements made, a few jokes given that hurt me.  If you were to ask me how or exactly why, I wouldn't be able to tell you.  All I know is exactly how it all made me feel and the consequences that came after.  It pretty much ruined my night.  Catatonically difficult to relate to anyone, and apathy filled me.


But I like the guy.  Guaranteed we had some sort of a misunderstanding.  I know we did.  That doesn't change what happened, how I feel about it, or what the other party feels.  It just helps me forgive and have a better hope next time I encounter this individual.  I don't want to not like them, so here I am putting forth my best effort not to judge and to give room for fault.  I want that from the people I know, and often times they give it to me without even recognizing.


Hardly any music.  I worked the first full day at my new job.  I'm beat.  Too late to play piano.  Maybe I'll go read more of my book.  Prioritizing is a necessity right now.  I feel busy, challenged, and ready to not give in.