A Thin Heart and Only So Much Can Take

01/31/2010 14:56

How sad it is

to have a heart so thin

and a dream with



force behind it.


not behind

but always right in front wearing that heart

thinner and thinner

until something has to give.

And memories can seem

a waste.

Moments where accomplishment

felt worthwhile

now wasted.


Truth be told whether they meant to

or not

they slowly stole

those ideals

that kept a soul

going forward into

the known darkness.

But the dark has an

odd friendlisness to it

that's only friendly for so long.


We fight

the people who

in our sight

have killed

the possibilities

of bright words

in shining books.

We represent ourselves

through all we do

but thos blessed

with too-thin hearts

can see so much

it hurts the eyes.



Only so much can be


Is there a limit to

how much disappointment

you can take?

Most would have you

believe so

but I would say no.


even I have my questions

about the truth of it.

I can take x amount

you can take y.

Is x > y?

Is y > x?

Does it matter?

Does it?



The books you read

or don't read

they matter.

Your whole world hands

on the scales

and is weighed by your

own decisions.


So publish or not

weak or strong

x or y

thin or thick

the living goes on.