02/24/2010 23:23

I think the weatherman could've been sad tonight.  I think I saw a twinge of pain in his eye while he was telling us the temperature.  I wonder if he gets tired of saying pretty much the same thing every single day, year after year.  I'm sure there are some days he wishes he could just sit there and everybody would watch him just play Borderlands or Mario64 on his big greenscreen.  But alas and alack, he knows it's not to be.


Can I relate to the weatherman?  Yeah, I think I can.  I find myself putting on a show for people in the world.  If only they would look a little closer, they would see the twinge of pain in my eye.  I've tried to see when you have one.  But what good does it do me?  Not much unless I decide to let you know I know.  Then all that would happen is you'd know that I know you're sad.  Then the benefits would only come if we were in the right place at the right time to talk about it and come out feeling good.  That's quite a bit.


If I saw the weatherman on the street tomorrow, chances are I wouldn't say anything.  But if I saw the twinge in the eye of a friend, you can bet your sorry ass that I'd hop right on top of that and figure out what the deal was.