Shower'n'an Hour (Or Two)

02/08/2010 12:06

It's noon.  I haven't taken a shower.  I feel rather unproductive.  Why is that?


Why do I always feel unproductive when I divert from my normal routine.  Well, maybe not always.  There are certain routine things that energize me and enthuse me when changed up, but it always happens when I don't take a shower.  Yes, I feel a bit dirtier than usual, but that's to be expected.  The same feeling gets in me when I sleep overnight somewhere aside from my own bed.  What the hell?  Is it just more difficult to function and do the things I want in foreign environs?


So now, still unshowered, I'm going to sensibly continue to stay that way until about an hour before work.  There's no reason I should feel this way, aside from the fact that I deviated from a deeply rooted activity in my routine;  something I do every day no matter what.  I'm going to put it off and do some other stuff in the meantime.  I still feel unproductive, and something inside tells me, whether I'm actually productive or not, that it's not going to change for a while.  It hasn't stopped me before, and I'll be damned if it stops me now.