02/19/2010 16:48

I haven't written about it lately, and it goes to show where my priorities really are.  It's the whole purpose behind this site.  The musical improvement aspect of my life.  This is supposed to be motivation for me, but it's so easy to lose sight when there are other important ideas to be thinking about.  But that's no excuse;  I've just been lazy about practice and focusing more on posting meaningful somethings every day.


Even as I write I'm being pulled toward something that will keep me from practicing.  In fact, it's already too late.  I have to work in half an hour.  Not that I don't appreciate all of the other things and people that take time in my day.  I greatly appreciate their interactions.  It's just how I let them get in the way of my practicing.


And it doesn't help that I have a natural aversion to work/practice/anything that has to do with non-leisure.  The buck needs to stop;  I need to stop letting myself get distracted.  This all needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.  But I have to go to work, so I'll just do have to do it later.