02/05/2010 16:24

There's a disdain that dwells inside of me for self-pretentious people who say pretentious things.  I've never been to college, but I have a good idea, given to me by friends and portrayals, that those kind of people are going to be easy to find.  Especially in classes that encourage discussions and arguements.


I can forgive them for it.  There are worse things they could be doing that would affect me in worse ways.  But the feeling is still there.  Maybe a healthy dose of ridiculous, anxiety-breaking, light-heartedness could help.  I think it will.  All the while the pretentioneers are pretensing about how everybody should listen to them, I'll be taking it with a grain of salt and wondering how I might be able to make an actual difference with what I actually do.


I realize that could be assumed as presumtuous in and of itself, but I could write a whole other post on how assumptions don't exactly correlate with truth.  So pretentious or not, here I come!