01/25/2010 22:02

Have you ever been in a bad mood and tried your hardest to preserve it?  I most certainly have, and it doesn't make sense.  You start feeling better about life, and as soon as you realize it you try to ward off the good feelings and stay mad or angry or depressed.  It's the epitome of living in the past when you try to stay upset for the sake of being upset.  Living in the right now means living and appreciating the moods that come and go;  both the good and the bad.


The good and the bad of everything is amazing.  I'm a slacker, waste my time doing all sorts of very unproductive activities, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Yes, maybe I would be a better citizen if I were to do all the things good citizens and exclude the rest.  But I love the rest.  I love it!  So onward with my music, with my movie watching, and with my video game playing.  Great things are coming.  I know I think I can feel it.