Opposing Forces Unite

02/15/2010 23:20

 It's a truly amazing thing how much an opposing force can change everything.  Even odder is how uniting forces change things just the same.


A person meets another person.  The people decide they like each other.  The decide to join forces for the benefit of all.  Both minds are changed in thought, belief, perspective, or something else.  Combining people together does just what it sounds like it does.  It combines people, their ideas, their lives together and in the process some parts are lost.


We're lost when we love enough to truly forget who we are.  We may love a person, but that person is still a person in his or her own right.  They don't belong to anybody, least of all you.  Understandings can be gained, opinions can be reconciled, hands can be held, but that's all.  You can't hold another's soul in your grasp and control it.  Not in the way you would want to be able to.  Not ever.