Melting Away

01/09/2010 16:01

Well, not five minutes ago I finished practicing piano.  I haven't had the time, or energy, to do so in days.  It's awfully frustrating.  Work has been stealing my soul.  I'd like it not to because I enjoy working and earning my own money.  And it's partly my own fault.  In the spare time I have actually had free, I've spent it mostly on social occasions.  I could've made the time, but I chose my friends instead.  Both worthwhile activities.




I gave up a few days ago.  I knew there wouldn't be enough time in the day to practice, so I planned not to.  I looked at my future and saw time next week where, I hope, there will be time to strengthen my music.  But at the time there just wasn't anything I could do.  So I gave up, but only on short term.