Mac, You're a Tool

02/10/2010 12:50

It's come down to this.  This is the quintessential question of the century:  what kind of Mac or laptop should I buy?


I know it seems like such a shallow question that mainly has to do with how much money I'm willing to spend.  But there's much more that comes with it.


I see this purchase as the purchase of a tool, a means to an end.  But what end am I trying to get to?  Furthermore, does the end I'm trying to get to matter in the grand scheme?


I'm thinking about the Macbook or iMac for video editing and music recording purposes.  It seems more user friendly and suitable for the tasks.  Making movies or music, can I really see myself doing that in the future?  Professionally?  Is that the field where I can actually improve lives by doing it?  Should my work be focused on others or myself, outward or inward?


So many questions when all I need to decide is what kind of computing hardware is "needed."  Because I don't really need it;  I just have the money, and it would be nice to experience something different and have the tools to accomplish something.  To do something.  Right now I could live with doing anything.  So the decision should be easy, but it is not.