Just Sick

02/22/2010 16:57

 Aside from yesterday's article being titled "I'm Sick Of,"  I was also physically sick yesterday.  Totally loopy with a fever, aches, pains, and a cough.  But still I felt the duty to write something.  So I did, and that's what came out.  I reread it, and it does still make sense.  I was afraid I'd look at it today and think, "What the hell was I thinking!"  Thank goodness that's not the case.


All my writing has been online for the past while.  At least the majority has been donated to this blog project.  I need to stop doing that.  My spiral notebooks and journals have been suffering from neglect.  Poor little guys;  they deserve attention too.  


That's how I worked my way up to enough confidence in my writing to start an actual blog.  Now that I'm here should I stop my habits?  No...  I shouldn't and I won't.  That just means more kicking myself into high gear from the slacker pace that's so easy to coast with.