I'm Sick Of

02/21/2010 20:38

Look deep into the TV set, the book you read, or the idea you heard.  Look deep into them and ponder their intensely deep messages.  They always pertain to your life.  THEY ALWAYS DO!


Alright, brainwashing time over;  reality time GO!  Why be so serious all of the time about all the thoughts flung your way?  Well, because it's good mental exercise, but too much exercise creates mind-blowing and burning havoc.  Don't worry your head into extinction.  Does you no good.


It's just as effective to see the simple, often-overlooked ideas:


"The man went to the grocery store to buy some time."  You read it in a book.  Rather than asking, "What was his motivation for going to the store, and what deeper meaning does it have to the plot."  What if he also bought groceries,  despite the fact that his life may be falling apart in the story.  Or whatever else may be going on.


Stop reading between the lines so much that the lines themselves become empty and faded.  Relax.