01/10/2010 20:23

Musicwise, I only downloaded some songs from torrents.  Some of my favorite, newly found artists.  That means I'll be able to hear them and catch better glimpses of why they're all unique.  Someday I may be as unique as them.  Someday could be today.  It probably is, actually.  Time to get to work.


Speaking of work, no work today.  Slept in and thoroughly enjoyed it.  But a lazy morning led to a lazy afternoon to a lazy evening.  And I say that with much compassion toward my acts.  I slack off because it's essential.  It's a part of my life that makes me me.  All parts of my life that make me me are alright in my book.  I feel lucky in the fact that later tonight I'll be going to do more progressive slacking off with friends.  Yes!


By the end of the year I hope to be much better a musician than I am now.  That's a part of the purpose of this site.  But what if I wasn't good at anything... ever.  Would people still care?  Most people wouldn't.  They, with myself included, look for idols and heroes in people who are excellent at whatever they do.  Who cares about a mediocre, half-known band or author?  Not many.  Why would we when there are ones out there who outdo most everybody else?  I don't know.  Though some people still do care for the semi-talented because they're people, just like everybody else.  Just like you, just like me.


PS Of my own free will I promote the blog of a friend:  Yes, it is quite the name.  I still don't know what it means, but put some thought into it.  I know the author did.