Body and Heart, You Suck

03/13/2010 15:45

 I still feel the strain to practice playing piano.  Also to practice singing.  It's essential if I want to really make a career or professional hobby out of it.  Or at the very least to be good enough for myself.


The strain is the time beforehand, before I'm actually practicing, where I tell myself that practice would be work, and work is hard.  Avoid hard work at all costs is what my body and my heart tells me.  But I know how quickly time flies when I actually sit down at the piano.  I know how much I actually enjoy it.


Why?  Why do you want me to be complacently mediocre?  You're my body;  you're my heart.  You should be wanting me to succeed.  Instead all you do is try to sabotage what I actually want.  You suck for doing that.


But practice time awaits.  Here I go.  And body, you're coming with me.