Another One Bites The Dust

01/27/2010 11:41

"Curses!  Lost another one to World of Warcraft."


I've heard that sentiment, or very similar ones, from many different friends.  And I knew it was happening.  In fact, I'm sure that some of my own friends have been lost in WoW or a similar world, but I didn't quite get it.  I didn't quite understand it.  I did because of my video gaming as a child.  I could understand the principle but not the reality.  That is until just recently.


I look into the future and can see myself in the same shoes as the WoWers, only with a different game.  Still the same principle though.  How easy it is to just sit and play.  Heck, you can even have your own relationships, boyfriend and girlfriend, on these games.  Silly, I know, but I can't lie and say that it's not an alluring thing.  Especially if you've experienced it for yourself.  And chances are, whether it's a video game or not, there's some sort of aspect of you that has very similar characteristics.  So I know you can relate.


But these worlds are a sad excuse for reality, but I don't dismiss them at all.  They're a sad excuse for reality, but an awesome reality for fantasy (if that makes any sense to you).  It's about keeping balance and perpsective.  Balance:  keeps you from becoming entangled into a web of internet, fantasy, and falsehood.  Perspective:  gives you the ability to see each, fantasy and reality, for what it is and thoroughly enjoy both.


So please, go and enjoy;  I know I'm going to try.