Amendment To Societal Woes

02/16/2010 16:34

I decided to feel cynical today about social interactions and how unobtrusively shallow they are on a day to day basis.  It's especially the case when it comes to acting "professional" at work.  Paste a smile on your face and make sure all of your customers are happy.  It goes on everywhere, whether it be school, work, or even at play.  Gotta keep up your persona otherwise people might not like the real you.  Right?


All that said, in very few cases will I just act happy when I truly feel awful inside.  In my mind it's a form of internal lying.  I'm not all about that.  But still, it's not the fault of the people I meet in everyday interactions that society can be shallow.  It wouldn't make sense to be rude or insensitive to people just because they're involved in society.  I'm involved in society, and I wouldn't want people jerking me around just because I happen to be there on a bad day of theirs.  Not my fault;  not their fault either.


I feel cynical about society because I wish I could be a more tanslucent personality.  It's a fault of my own I have to deal with, but it would make it so much easier to do if everybody else could be trying to do the same thing.  For the most part, though, I don't see people in this same boat I happen to be in now.  That doesn't mean they aren't there, they very well could be, but I sure don't see them.  At least not very often.