A Weighty Cause

02/25/2010 19:35

I alter my thoughts so they come out in a different way, but it's not different for the sake of different perspective.  It's different for the sake of fame.  So others will see the difference;  how different my writings and thoughts and ideas are.


They don't need to be.  They only need to be true in some sense.


What am I trying to be, the next Plato?  What the hell am I thinking?  What the hell is the universe telling us?


I'd say that heart is the only thing that matters;  that and passion, but it's not true.  So much more goes into a post, an article, a book, a memoir, a living person, a dying person.  There's much more than just this or that one thing.  So much more.


I feel the noose tighten around my neck, I'm tired, but by tomorrow I should be fine.  The noose will let me go.  All I need is some sleep.