A Giant In Ireland

02/23/2010 23:47

 The title has nothing to do with the rest of this article.  Just thought I'd let you know.


Somehow I treated myself to a wonderful evening.  And just imagine, right before I went I was considering not doing it.  Man I'm so glad I did.  I'll never regret it.


Yesterday I went to see a movie because I found out that the theater in town has $5 movies all day Monday.  I invited a girl and we had a great time.  That sparked my interest in cheap movies.  I found out that on Tuesdays the theater in the next town over has tickets for $5.50 all day.  So I did the same thing any movie enthusiast would do:  at the spur of the moment I hopped in my car, drove down, and saw a movie.


I was doubtful of how quality the film was going to be.  I knew I would like it, but I just wasn't quite sure how much I would like it.  It very much surpassed my expectations and left me feeling very impressed.  Then once the movie ended, I went over to a Ruby Tuesday to grab some foodstuffs.  They had just closed down shop and couldn't cook anything.  I asked if they had any pre-made food lying around.  My ride back home was a ride full of delicious mashed potatoes and soup;  and it was free.  Hurrah!


Such success.  Everything worked out so well.  I feel like I naturally worked and milked the system for it was worth and came out on top.  The whole night cost me $7.50 plus gas there and back.  Huge success if I may say so.  


And I can't forget the fact that I tried to find somebody to go with me, but nobody could.  Now that's it's all done, I couldn't imagine the night going any better if any of them would've come.  A lone success.  A beautiful success.  Thank you.