A Book

01/02/2010 09:12
I bought a book yesterday.  That's it.  That's the only step toward my goal I made.  And that's exactly how I want it.  I want incremental progress.  Diving head first into something I'm not ready for only spells out disaster and defeat.  I'm going to work my way up to...
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 Important Announcement:


I have moved to new online headquarters.  Only partially, though.  First things first:  Go there.  It's where my thoughts will be.


Main reasons for moving are:


1.  Comments for my posts.  I really want to hear what people think.  The people have voices.  I want to hear them.


2.  Mini Music is evolving into a place for my thoughts to be hurled at and into.  That's not the reason I had for starting it.  It was only a partial reason, so the new site is entirely focused on that while Mini Music will be refocused toward original goals.  It means less posting here, but more meaningful and goal-oriented posts overall.


3.  It was bound to happen eventually.


Here I go.  Come with me and adventures we shall have.



4.  I can't even create an external link from this page to my new one.



A Thought


At least rolling in your grave would be a lot more exciting than just laying there.