01/14/2010 19:52
Some rededication happened today.  Had a piano lesson.  First one in a few weeks.  I've been slacking with the excuse of a job taking my time.  If music is a priority, it'll take priority.  But damn I'm tired.   I have true aspirations for the musical world, but what...

Alright, My Friend!

01/13/2010 21:57
It's songwritin' time!  No practice or playing or music (aside from listening to and from work), but tonight will be a productive night.  Or so I hope.  A lot of it is out of my control, but I have a hope that something will get done;  something good.

Would I, Should I?

01/11/2010 21:30
What's the worth in playing music?  If I make a song, will people 100 years down the line really care about what I sang about?  Chances are they won't.  But is it just about being popular or remembered in the annals of history?  No, it is not.  I don't care if nobody cares...


01/10/2010 20:23
Musicwise, I only downloaded some songs from torrents.  Some of my favorite, newly found artists.  That means I'll be able to hear them and catch better glimpses of why they're all unique.  Someday I may be as unique as them.  Someday could be today.  It probably is,...

Melting Away

01/09/2010 16:01
Well, not five minutes ago I finished practicing piano.  I haven't had the time, or energy, to do so in days.  It's awfully frustrating.  Work has been stealing my soul.  I'd like it not to because I enjoy working and earning my own money.  And it's partly my own...


01/06/2010 21:53
There are many theories on what fame does to celebrities.  I am not knowledgeable in most of them.  I watched about nine minutes of the Peope's Choice Awards and thought of myself, how I would be if I were a celebrity.  Of course there are people whom I would emulate.  The...

Act It

01/05/2010 21:42
Last night I filled my music quota by writing a song with a talented friend.  I provided lyrics.  He provided sound.  We worked on it, had a good time, and eventually I ended up back at my house in the AM.  But nothing today.  Much work.  Maybe this time I'll actually...


01/04/2010 21:03
I was accosted.  Mentally, I was accosted.  A few statements made, a few jokes given that hurt me.  If you were to ask me how or exactly why, I wouldn't be able to tell you.  All I know is exactly how it all made me feel and the consequences that came after.  It pretty much...

Will It?

01/03/2010 20:37
Will the nervousness about this project ever end?  No, I imagine it won't.  I might get a bit more comfortable as I go on, but the nervousness is here to stay.  At least it's a good sign of how serious I take this.  If I didn't care about any of this then I wouldn't be so...

Hard Times Come Again

01/03/2010 14:01
I'm already struggling hard to find motivations to bring me to write.  What do I have to write?   But I won't complain.  Pity is a terrible depressor.  I've been doing what I've set forth to do.  I practiced piano.  I read the intro of my book.  All things to move...
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 Important Announcement:


I have moved to new online headquarters.  Only partially, though.  First things first:  Go there.  It's where my thoughts will be.


Main reasons for moving are:


1.  Comments for my posts.  I really want to hear what people think.  The people have voices.  I want to hear them.


2.  Mini Music is evolving into a place for my thoughts to be hurled at and into.  That's not the reason I had for starting it.  It was only a partial reason, so the new site is entirely focused on that while Mini Music will be refocused toward original goals.  It means less posting here, but more meaningful and goal-oriented posts overall.


3.  It was bound to happen eventually.


Here I go.  Come with me and adventures we shall have.



4.  I can't even create an external link from this page to my new one.



A Thought


At least rolling in your grave would be a lot more exciting than just laying there.