02/05/2010 16:24
There's a disdain that dwells inside of me for self-pretentious people who say pretentious things.  I've never been to college, but I have a good idea, given to me by friends and portrayals, that those kind of people are going to be easy to find.  Especially in classes that encourage...


02/03/2010 22:19
There's so much that happens every day.  So many thoughts are worthy of writing down and really reflecting on.  Sometimes those thoughts escape me at the end of the day, but I believe if they're really important then they'll come back.  They'll come back in one form or...

Like Butter

02/02/2010 16:43
I realize I only have a few more hours of the day until I get to go see my friends, watch a movie, and do whatever it is we friends will do tonight.  There are many projects I'm involved with right now, and the question is whether I'm wearing myself too thin.  My thoughts are over here,...

It Doesn't

02/01/2010 21:52
Doesn't it suck when you don't get an answer from someone you expect to get answers from?  Doesn't it also suck when you feel like you deserve to be getting more when invariably you're still being given less?  It does suck.  Really it does;  but only at first.  Then it...


02/01/2010 08:16
My dream was so very, very real.  I can't not act upon it.  Now I won't go out with the recklessness and abandonment that I did in the fantasy, but I will go and do something about it.  I'll maybe make some rough plans.  My mind was definitely telling me something, and if it was...

A Thin Heart and Only So Much Can Take

01/31/2010 14:56
How sad it is to have a heart so thin and a dream with crushing tearing force behind it. No not behind but always right in front wearing that heart thinner and thinner until something has to give. And memories can seem a waste. Moments where accomplishment felt worthwhile now wasted.   Truth...


01/29/2010 00:23
Just because something is popular doesn't mean shit about the content.  A billion people read the Bible.  The popularity of the book doesn't change a thing about the innards of it.   People you don't like may like the things you find awesome or meaningful.  That doesn't mean you...

Do You Want To Know?

01/28/2010 00:24
Do you want to know who I am?  Who or what is the "real me"?   Well then, first look at me and see what I do.  See how I act or don't act.  Second, take a look at my bookshelf.  Look at my movie collection.  Meet my friends.   Do that and take all of the other...

Another One Bites The Dust

01/27/2010 11:41
"Curses!  Lost another one to World of Warcraft."   I've heard that sentiment, or very similar ones, from many different friends.  And I knew it was happening.  In fact, I'm sure that some of my own friends have been lost in WoW or a similar world, but I didn't quite get...


01/26/2010 21:33
When your skills aren't enough and leave you making mistakes and causing errors, what more can you do than apologize and try do better the next time?  Nothing.  You can do nothing about the accidentally offended person, and there's usually very little that can be done to fix what was...
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 Important Announcement:


I have moved to new online headquarters.  Only partially, though.  First things first:  Go there.  It's where my thoughts will be.


Main reasons for moving are:


1.  Comments for my posts.  I really want to hear what people think.  The people have voices.  I want to hear them.


2.  Mini Music is evolving into a place for my thoughts to be hurled at and into.  That's not the reason I had for starting it.  It was only a partial reason, so the new site is entirely focused on that while Mini Music will be refocused toward original goals.  It means less posting here, but more meaningful and goal-oriented posts overall.


3.  It was bound to happen eventually.


Here I go.  Come with me and adventures we shall have.



4.  I can't even create an external link from this page to my new one.



A Thought


At least rolling in your grave would be a lot more exciting than just laying there.