02/18/2010 08:16
What has the term "Hollywood" come to mean to us?  I hear all the time people saying, "Look at what Hollywood is doing to our society," or, "That's not really how it is, it's just what Hollywood wants us to think."  Is that really where we're at?  Is it true that we treat legitimate...

Into The Ethernet

02/17/2010 15:45
When I don't want to let people in but need to let something out I make art I speek in generalities nuances assumptions deductions amazements and I do so to ease myself and to know that somebody might take meaning out of what I write...   I might die if I don't then again maybe I won't but...

Amendment To Societal Woes

02/16/2010 16:34
I decided to feel cynical today about social interactions and how unobtrusively shallow they are on a day to day basis.  It's especially the case when it comes to acting "professional" at work.  Paste a smile on your face and make sure all of your customers are happy.  It goes on...

Opposing Forces Unite

02/15/2010 23:20
 It's a truly amazing thing how much an opposing force can change everything.  Even odder is how uniting forces change things just the same.   A person meets another person.  The people decide they like each other.  The decide to join forces for the benefit of all....

Everyfive of Us

02/13/2010 23:39
I'm irritated, annoyed, and slightly pissed off, and all because of a minor computing error with my keyboard.  It ruined my mood.  Since the mood is ruined, the idea I had to write about can't come out of me in the way I had intended.  There is no longer an easy route for it to...

I Love THIS, You Love this

02/11/2010 14:26
Sometimes I mentally chastise people for not having the same level of appreciation for certain things I love.  I wonder how they can't see what I see in, for example, music.  It just didn't make sense to me.  I hear amazing musicians and bands, and I'm inspired to go and write songs...

Mac, You're a Tool

02/10/2010 12:50
It's come down to this.  This is the quintessential question of the century:  what kind of Mac or laptop should I buy?   I know it seems like such a shallow question that mainly has to do with how much money I'm willing to spend.  But there's much more that comes with...

Cracks In The System

02/09/2010 18:09
There are ways to create desired outcomes from aforemade decisions.  Example:  I decide now that I'll never smoke cigarettes, and when anybody asks me to try, I'll tell them no.  Decision made, outcome more than likely predictable in the way I want it to be.  It's effective, but...

Shower'n'an Hour (Or Two)

02/08/2010 12:06
It's noon.  I haven't taken a shower.  I feel rather unproductive.  Why is that?   Why do I always feel unproductive when I divert from my normal routine.  Well, maybe not always.  There are certain routine things that energize me and enthuse me when changed up, but it...

Eventual Minds

02/06/2010 09:16
"Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt on an insiprational poster in a class I once had   Yeah, it's hard to argue with that.  And for the most part I would call it a good rule of thumb.  But only in a perfect world...
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 Important Announcement:


I have moved to new online headquarters.  Only partially, though.  First things first:  Go there.  It's where my thoughts will be.


Main reasons for moving are:


1.  Comments for my posts.  I really want to hear what people think.  The people have voices.  I want to hear them.


2.  Mini Music is evolving into a place for my thoughts to be hurled at and into.  That's not the reason I had for starting it.  It was only a partial reason, so the new site is entirely focused on that while Mini Music will be refocused toward original goals.  It means less posting here, but more meaningful and goal-oriented posts overall.


3.  It was bound to happen eventually.


Here I go.  Come with me and adventures we shall have.



4.  I can't even create an external link from this page to my new one.



A Thought


At least rolling in your grave would be a lot more exciting than just laying there.