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01/25/2010 22:02
Have you ever been in a bad mood and tried your hardest to preserve it?  I most certainly have, and it doesn't make sense.  You start feeling better about life, and as soon as you realize it you try to ward off the good feelings and stay mad or angry or depressed.  It's the epitome...

UnAssuming Professionals

01/25/2010 09:52
I'm super impressed with unassuming professionals.  I was able to have a lovely consultation with one just last night.  It just amazes me how someone can know so many details and tricks of the trade about a certain skill.  There's something uber-respectable about it.   My music...

I'm Going

01/24/2010 10:36
I wish that words came more easily to me.  Words that have real meaning behind them.  Words that could fully explain what goes on inside.  But every day seems to tell me more and more that I don't.  It's there, though;  the words form in my mind, and they want to escape,...

I nspiration

01/23/2010 22:25
I inspired myself last night.  I looked over a project of my past, and I was impressed.  If I were to find something like that, except made by someone else, I would find joy in it.  I would admire it just as I admire my poets, my bands, my authors, and all of the other people I read...


01/22/2010 14:34
I feel bad.  It's as simple as that.  The game I bought yesterday was disappointing in many aspects.  It's a good game, but I was expecting something completely different;  something more than it actaully is.  I've been left with a bitter taste in my mouth.  But who...

PC Gamers of the Past

01/21/2010 17:36
No;  no philosophical epiphanies today.  I worked, I had a piano lesson (and I practiced for it too; Yes!),  I uploaded a picture for the visual art section, and I bought a game for the PC.  All of these are very excellent activities, but I'm in awe of the fact that I just went...


01/20/2010 23:17
I'm afraid, and I know it now more than ever.  My heroes are travellers, lyricists, artists, producers of great lives.  They're heroes because every time I hear their stories or view their works, I want to save myself from destruction.  What they've done has saved me from so much of...


01/18/2010 03:51
It's mighty early in the morning to be not going to bed.  I get to wake up in four hours to do laundry, otherwise I'd have nothing to wear at work.   But I consider the five hour game of Risk 2210AD, followed by good, positive conversation between friends, to be worth it.  I just...

Why Blog?

01/17/2010 14:52
  The image above is the reason in a nutshell why I'm doing this.  I read an article on another blog, and it inspired me to make this.  I put in the effort and time to take the picture from the post, put it into Microsoft Word, and make a tiny inspirational poster out of it. ...

Even Nights

01/17/2010 02:15
Every night when I go to sleep I have the chance to say, "Goodbye world;  I'll never see you again, at least not in the same way."  Tonight I say it, and tonight I mean it.  I'm not afraid.
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